Alpena CRTC Hosts Field Trip

  • Published
  • By Patricia Luna
The Alpena CRTC recently hosted the second and third grade classes from Sanborn School for an exciting field trip. Teachers Amy Blumenthal and Karen Cordes were thrilled to have the opportunity to expose the children to the military, educate them about career opportunities and help the kids understand some of the things that the military do to help support both the local community and the nation.

The students were able to see several training areas on the installation that included the Fire Department, Obstacle Course, Video Training System, the C-130 Hercules Aircraft and the snow plows. Students were able to climb into a Crash Rescue Fire Truck so they could see how all of the controls worked. They were also granted access to climb in the cockpit of a C-130 and go all through the cargo hold to grasp how the Air Force and Air National Guard transport cargo.

Both the kids and adults had a dynamic day and were amazed at all of the tools and training areas that the CRTC offers. The teachers were hoping that the children would correlate the meaning of the military and its importance to the lessons they learned while talking about Veteran's Day.