Alpena CRTC Security Forces Fact Sheet

· 25 M Small Arms Range with up to 27 firing points
· 5,000 SF training building for visiting unit operations, training and equipment storage
· 150 SF weapons storage vault (250 rifle capacity)
· Additional 30-person classroom
· Firearm Training System (FATS) facility with 5 firing points
· MOUT village with 9 training buildings
· ATV training area
· Land Navigation Course
· Obstacle course with 19 different obstacles

· Weapons available for training/qualifications:
o M-4, GUU 5P, M-16 A2, M-9, Shotgun, M-107, M-240B, M-249, M-14, M-2, MK-19
o Air Soft rifles and pistols (M-4, AK, M-9, etc.)
o LCATS laser targeting system for shoot and move training
· 10 All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
· IED Simulators with different types of devices
· Redman Suit, training batons with kick pads