The Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center is one of four training installations in the country.  The Alpena CRTC boasts the largest airspace east of the Mississippi, has 147,000 acres available for ground maneuver units.

The Alpena CRTC is the second organization in the National Guard to be certified as a Joint National Training Center.  The base has three JTE's, offers JTAC Training, operates a JTAC 4m Dome Simulator.

The Alpena CRTC prides itself on being able to adapt and accommodate any needs from any type of unit. If you are interested in utilizing the Alpena CRTC for training, please contact us for information.


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If I have a valid Concealed Pistol Permit, may I bring/carry a weapon on to the CRTC?

No, the USC Title 18, prohibits all weapons from being carried on the installation, unless you are a member of the security forces and/or part of the selective arming program and have been designated by the installation commander and are performing official duties. Law Enforcement personnel training on the installation are authorized to carry their duty weapons only and only after declearing the weapon to the installation security forces. 

Can we, the visiting unit, use all the military aircraft parking apron for our deployment?

· Yes - with exceptions and other rules of understanding. Contact aircraft maintenance for details.


Does CRTC Aircraft Maintenance have a parking plan for visiting units?

· Aircraft Maintenance does not have parking plans but CRTC Operations does for planning purposes only.


What buildings does the CRTC Aircraft Maintenance sign out?

· There are facilities available for squadron operations and hangers which are signed out based on availability.


Will CRTC Aircraft Maintenance recover and unload a visiting unit's first couple of aircraft?

· CRTC Aircraft Maintenance is available for launch and recovery. Contact Aircraft Maintenance for rules of engagement.
 Frequently Asked Questions - Fire Services

Do you have base maps available?

· Yes. Maps are issued upon request.


Do you have classroom and testing capabilities?

· Yes. We offer classroom space and have capabilities for testing.


Do you have copies of pre-fire plans and fire hydrant locations?

· Yes. They are on the Alpena CRTC Community of Practice website in the Fire & Emergency Services Folder.


What fire apparatus is available for our use?

· The Alpena CRTC is assigned USAF ARFF Vehicle Set 4. You may contact the base directly for more information.


What types of training assets are available?

· The Alpena CRTC has aircraft, structure and vehicle live fire training. We also have Hazmat/CBRNE/WMD training equipment as well as technical rescue assets available.


 Frequently Asked Questions - General Questions

Can the public request a tour of the base?

· If your organization is interested in requesting a tour of the base, you must make a request through our Security Forces. Please contact us for further information.


Does the Alpena CRTC have a commissary?

· The Alpena CRTC does not offer a commissary.


Does the Alpena CRTC offer a BX?

· The Alpena CRTC does have a BX that may be utilized by active duty military, visiting units and base personnel. The BX offers limited selections of clothing, home goods, linens, food and beverage and miscellaneous uniform items. The BX does offer a mail drop off point for any military out going personal mail.


How can I find out if my group is able to utilize the CRTC?

· The Alpena CRTC strives to provide premier support, facilities, instruction and airspace to DOD, Department of Homeland Security, Coalition and Emergency Responders to meet the mission requirements of Combatant Commanders and Civil Authorities. To find out if your organization is eligible to utilize the base, please contact us for details.


How do I make an appointment to get a new ID Card?

· The Alpena CRTC ID Card Center is available to issue ID Cards every Monday (except holidays). You are required to make an appointment and you can do so by accessing the "Contact Us" section on our website. You may also visit the ID Card section under Resources on this website for further information on required documents for your ID Card appointment.


If I've been in trouble or had law enforcement contact, can I still work at or visit the CRTC?

· No. Persons who have been charged or convicted with a felony in the last ten years or a misdemeanor in the last five years are not authorized on the CRTC.
 Frequently Asked Questions - Miscellaneous

Can we utilize our cell phones on the installation?

· Cell phones may be utilized on the installation. You may not use a cell phone while operating a vehicle. There is limited cell phone coverage available on the base as not all carriers provide cell towers in our area.


Will we have access to the internet?

· The Alpena CRTC utilizes an outside provider to supply wired internet capability in select rooms and WiFi hot spots in select locations throughout the base.  Please see your welcome packet located in your room when you arrive for specific WiFi locations.  This internet connectivity requires the user to agree to a term of service, is free of charge and is completely separate from the ANG network. 
 Frequently Asked Questions - Services

Are we responsible for lodging?

· Yes. The CRTC will provide you with the building you will be lodging personnel in, and you will be responsible for assigning the rooms.


Do we have to order food?

· No. We use a 7 day menu that we order from based on the numbers you provide us. This may vary depending on the type of training you are doing.


Do we have to pick up linen and place them in the rooms?

· No. Linens are preplaced in the rooms. It will be your responsibility to bundle the linen and return them to Services for cleaning.


Do you provide meals in the dining facility?

· No. The Dining Facility is a unit use facility. You will need to bring your own cooks or contract cook support.


Do you provide MRE/UGR's?

· No. Alpena is not authorized to purchase MRE/UGR's for units. You must contact NGB to order what you need.


Do you provide towels?

· No. Alpena is not funded to provide towels for visiting units.
 Frequently Asked Questions - Vehicle Maintenance

Can we drive GOVs off base?

· Yes. We have a permissible operating distance (POD) of a 25 mile radius from the Alpena CRTC. Requests to exceed the POD must be made using the CRTC Form 4 and approved by the Director of Logistics through Vehicle Maintenance prior to the travel taking place.


How do I request use of a GOV?

· Please contact our Scheduling Office using the Scheduling Form on our Homepage.


What do I have to do to turn a GOV in when I am done using it?

· Vehicles must be cleaned (inside and out) and fueled prior to turn-in.