ResourcesThe Alpena CRTC offers a multitude of resources to ensure that your training exceeds your expectations. Whether you need assistance from our Mission Support Group, our Operations Group, the Grayling Air Gunnery Range, Security Forces or Fire & Rescue Training we have an abundance of training aids at our disposal.

Please review our fact sheets for detailed descriptions of what each area has to offer. If your unit is looking for a specific training scenario or piece of equipment, chances are, we offer it.

If you have questions or require further information, please contact us so we can answer your questions and show you our capabilities.



Safety personnel are available for assistance in the ground, flying, and weapons. These safety personnel will provide courtesy safety assistance in the event of a reportable accident or injury, but ultimately the responsibility rest with the unit-in-training safety personnel.

Safety briefings will be conducted for the benefit of visiting units during site surveys and/or prior deployment. Each unit-in-training is encouraged to be active participants in the CRTC Accident Prevention Program.

Explosive Safety

1. Individuals working with explosives are responsible for compliance with explosive safety standards.
2. Explosive Safety Map. The Alpena CRTC Explosive Location Map, maintained by Civil Engineering (DE), provides a visual reference for explosive locations, clear zones, and other information. A copy of this map is on display in the CRTC Safety office. During all explosive operations, the sections of Perimeter road that fall within the posted clear zones will be off limits to all non-related personnel.
3. Explosive Site Plans. Explosive Site Plans for the Alpena CRTC are on file in the Alpena CRTC/SEG office, and at ANGRC/SEW.
4. Explosive Facility License(s). Alpena CRTC/SEG will be the sole issuing authority of explosives facility license, AF Form 2047.

Environmental Policy

Alpena CRTC Environmental Policy Click HereThe Alpena CRTC is committed to conducting its mission in an environmentally responsible manner protecting human health, natural resources and the environment.

Please click here for the Alpena CRTC Environmental Policy.

area information

Alpena is a community of approximately 12,000 and is primarily an industrial community producing cement, limestone, paper and machinery. The balance of Alpena County is devoted to farming, forestry, and tourism. The city borders on Lake Huron and is only 15-20 miles from 3 large inland lakes supporting boating, fishing, and all water activities.
There is a variety of things to see and do in the Alpena area. Summertime activities include boating, water and jet skiing, and scuba diving, camping in the Alpena State Forest, fishing for walleye, pike, bass, perch, salmon, and trout in Lake Huron and the many inland lakes, streams, and rivers, and hunting. For those with historical interests, Mackinac Island, Ft. Mackinac, and the Presque Isle Lighthouse and Harbor are all within a 90 minute drive from Alpena. For the golf enthusiast, Alpena boasts four championship 18 hole golf courses within a 16 mile radius of the CRTC. The Alpena Health and Racquet Club offers special one or two week racquetball memberships to visiting military personnel.

Wintertime activities also abound as there is ample cross country skiing and snowmobiling in the area, and downhill skiing available just a short 90 minutes away. Ice fishing is prevalent as are major hunting seasons.


Disclaimer: Alpena CRTC does not officially endorse or recommend any of the local businesses listed within this site. Our goal is only to provide you with information about what is available in and around the Alpena area to help you better plan for your deployment.