Alpena CRTC - An Ideal Training Location

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  • By Patricia Luna
  • CRTC
Recently, the 113th Air Wing from Andrews Air Force Base, Washington, D.C., utilized the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center for ten days of Air-to-Ground Training.

500 members of the wing's 121st Fighter Squadron and 201st Airlift Squadron arrived at the Alpena CRTC for the opportunity to train pilots and complete training exercises.  The 113th Air Wing chose to come to Alpena because the CRTC offers a cost-effective, flexible and fully operational training environment.

Director of Operations, Col Scott Arbogast stated, "For us, the biggest draw is that we can drop live munitions.  On the east coast, we're right at Andrews (Air Force Base), and we can't store live munitions, we can't drop live munition...We have certain live requirements for training that we're required to do every year, and this allows us to do it." 

Col Scott Arbogast went on to say, " There's not a lot of distractions, not like Las Vegas or something like that, and you can kind of put everyone on the base and they can kind of reconnect and rebound."

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