Alpena CRTC hosts 3rd Annual Honor Guard Training

  • Published
  • By Crystal Seelye
The Alpena CRTC hosted its 3rd annual Honor Guard Training May 12th thru May 16th 2014. Training was provided by the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base which lead to graduation ceremony on May 16th. Joining the Alpena CRTC was VanBuren Police Department, Alpena County Sheriffs Department, 110th AW from Battle Creek ANG and 127th WG from Selfridge ANG. What was unique about this training was the Police and Sheriffs Department joined the Air Force on their training. Recently the police departments were given the opportunity to make changes to their honor guard rituals. Taking action they will be incorporating certain Air Force Honor Guard traditions into their own. The priority of the Honor Guard is to provide military funeral honors for active duty members, retirees and veterans. Honor guards are also present during ceremonies and requested occasions. It is an annual training the Alpena CRTC looks forward to hosting in years to come