Airfield Training & Operations


  • Runway 1-19 is 9001’x150’ grooved concrete; with 1000’ overrun on each end.  Runway is equipped with high intensity runway and threshold lights, marked with instrumental/ all-weather markings and runway distance markers.  Runway 1 has an ILS and approach lights.  BAK-14 barriers are located 1500’from each end with 1200’ roll outs.

  • Runway 7-25 is 5028’x100’ Grooved concrete and lighted with MIRLS

  • All Taxiways are 75’ wide, except Twy D which is 50’, Twy H is 60’

  • Main military parking ramp is 2550’x235’

  • Additional ramp space available for use

  • Arm/ De-arm area located on north and south taxiways with easy access to runway 1-19

  • Largest airspace complex east of the Mississippi

    • Three (3) embedded AR tracks

    • Supersonic capable

    • LATN area covering most of Northern Michigan with imbedded SR routes

    • 14 VR routes

    • Live drop availability at Grayling Air Gunnery Range

    • 2 SR Routes

    • Live water drop availability over R4207



  • Consolidated permanent party Base Operations

    • Flight planning publications available for transient aircrews

    • Flight filing multimedia available for transient aircrews

  • ATC support consist of Tower and RAPCON.  Full time civilian and military controllers work in both facilities

  • Two (2) State of the Art consolidated deployed unit operations buildings.  Located on flight line

  • One (1) State of the Art deployed unit command post building.  Located on flight line



  • Latest CAF supported Air Combat Training System.  12 P5 pods available for unit use

    • Live monitor capabilities

  • Latest CAF supported Treat Training System; Three (3) Joint Threat Emitters (JTE) are strategically located around norther Michigan to effectively use the airspace complex.

    • Capable of emulating most single digit threat signals

    • Capable of emulating most double digit threat signals

  • Data Link Capabilities



  • Full complement of Aerospace Ground Equipment to accommodate fighter, heavy and rotary aircraft. Including generators, stands, nitrogen carts and jacks.

  • Maintenance Shops

    • Aerospace Ground Equipment

    • Munitions Maintenance

  • Complete 12 acre Munitions Compound to include the following structures:

    • Above ground earth covered igloo with 18 individual cells and an additional 2 drive through’ s

    • M&I Facility that include 3 separate bays and office area for visiting units

    • 100’x50’ inert storage warehouse

    • 75’x40’ Above ground un barricade storage building for ready delivery assets



  • 14 ea. MHU 141 Trailers

  • 14 ea. MHU 110 Trailers

  • 1 ea. RAMS/MAC

  • 1 ea.GCU-30

  • 1 ea. 4k forklift

  • 5 sets M10 Trees

  • We are capable and have the ability to store any amount of N.E.W. that you may need for your exercise.

  • Current DDSB approved Site Plan

  • Hot Cargo Pad

  • 2 ea. Live load area