Grayling Air Gunnery Range

FACILITY- Over 147,000 acres of Joint use ground maneuver and impact range space
- 4 meter dome Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) simulator
- Live drop runway damage repair sight for Civil Engineers maintainers
- Multiple villages and urban areas with over 200 live and dry targets
- Private bunk rooms with Gym, bathrooms and showers (For on-duty personnel only)

- Live fire! 20mm, 30mm, rockets, MK-82 (live 500 pound), GBU-12 (live/inert) GBU-31-38 (inert)
- Scoring capable arrays, heated targets
- In place JTAC Instructor and Evaluators
- Joint Forward Observer (JFO) trainers
- Remote Operator Video Enhanced Receiver (ROVER) capable
- Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) capable
- IR and Laser marking capable
- Digital Close Air Support Capable
- Remote and Vehicle launched Smoky SAMs
- Situational Awareness DataLink (SADL)
- Secure voice and Havequick capable