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Alpena CRTC MSG Fact Sheet


CIVIL ENGINEERING (Point of Contact: MSgt Caleb Drane, 989-354-6265/ DSN 741-6265,

  • Airfield Damage Repair Site: Large and small runway crater repair, spall repair, concrete removal and repair, fiberglass matting runway repair

  • Sandbag fill operations

  • ROWPU (Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit)

  • CAPS (Contained Air Processing System) for CE Readiness

  • LIDS/CBRNE Decontamination System for CE Readiness

  • Generator setup and distribution

  • MAAS (Mobile, Aircraft Arresting System) setup and installation

  • Structural, electrical, and plumbing repair


BASE FUELS (POC: MSgt Jared Bicker, 989-354-6261/DSN 741-6261,

  • 22750 SF Operations Facility

  • Classroom/ Drivers Area for 28 personnel, visiting unit offices, fuels lab

  • Cryogenics Maintenance Building with office

  • Jet Fuel Storage Facility: (2) 210,000 gallon tanks

  • Ground Fuel Service Station Office

  • Gasoline and Diesel Tanks: 7,500 gallons each

  • Non-Fly JP8 Age Tank: 1,000 gallon capacity

  • Tool Room for R11 checkpoint tools

  • (2) R11 Refueler Fill Stands

  • (4) Jet Fuel Receiving Headers


  • (5) R11 Refuel Trucks, (1) C 301 Diesel Truck

  • (3) 400 gallon liquid oxygen tanks. (4) 50 gallon liquid oxygen carts

  • Multiservice Unit, Hot Air Purge Unit, Vacuum Pump

  • (1) 400 gallon & (1)50 gallon reclaimed JP8 Fuel Bowsers


GROUND OPS: (989) 354-6362/DSN 741-6362,

BASE SUPPLY (POC: MSgt Amy S Weinman, 989-354-6468/DSN 741-6468,

DISTRIBUTION (TMO) POC:  (989) 354-6290/DSN 741-6290/DSN 741-6290,

TMO Equipment:

  • Scales

  • Fork tine = 10,000lbs

  • Wheel Load = 10,000lbs each

  • Small Shipping = 300lbs

HAZARDOUS MATERIAL (HAZMART): (989) 354-6350/DSN 741-6350 various items in stock


COMMUNICATIONS: SMSgt Tammy Doffek, (989) 354-6545/DSN 741-6545,

Help Desk (989) 354-6430,
  • 100+ handheld land mobile radios (LMRs)

  • 300+ telephones and support to deployed units

  • Commercial Internet Access

  • Dedicated SIPRnet and NIPRnet access and support with inplace network printers

  • 2nd generation ANG wireless system

  • Provide up to 10 laptop PC’s for sign-out

  • Exterior Mass Notification system/ Giant Voice

  • Commanders Channel/ close circuit TV access

  • Audio Visual enhanced classroom environments