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  • ACRTC - Alpena CRTC History

    Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center (CRTC), formerly named Phelps Collins Field and the Phelps Collins Air National Guard Base, has a long interesting history beginning in the early 1900's. Before that date the area had a reputation for yielding blueberries in abundance to local Indians and

  • ACRTC- Who Was Phelps Collins?

    ALPENA, Mich. --The airfield at the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center, as well as the conference center building at the base, are named for a prominent son of Alpena who was an early American combat pilot.William Collins, Phelps’ father, was the president of the Alpena Manufacturing Company,

  • Alpena CRTC Fire Station

    FACILITY 22,000 square foot fire station Six drive-through vehicle bays Conference/Meeting Room Kitchen Facility w/ dining area Private Bund Rooms with bathrooms and showers (For on-duty personnel only) In-Station laundry facility for bunker gear In-station laundry facility for clothing (For on-duty

  • Alpena CRTC Grayling Air Gunnery Range Fact Sheet

    FACILITY- Over 147,000 acres of Joint use ground maneuver and impact range space- 4 meter dome Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) simulator- Live drop runway damage repair sight for Civil Engineers maintainers- Multiple villages and urban areas with over 200 live and dry targets- Private bunk

  • Alpena CRTC MSG Fact Sheet

     CIVIL ENGINEERING (Point of Contact: MSgt Caleb Drane, 989-354-6265/ DSN 741-6265, caleb.b.drane.mil@mail.mil) Airfield Damage Repair Site: Large and small runway crater repair, spall repair, concrete removal and repair, fiberglass matting runway repair Sandbag fill operations ROWPU (Reverse

  • Alpena CRTC Operations Fact Sheet

    AIRFIELD ENVIRONMENTAL: Runway 1-19 is 9001’x150’ grooved concrete; with 1000’ overrun on each end.  Runway is equipped with high intensity runway and threshold lights, marked with instrumental/ all-weather markings and runway distance markers.  Runway 1 has an ILS and approach lights.  BAK-14

  • Alpena CRTC Security Forces Fact Sheet

    FACILITIES· 25 M Small Arms Range with up to 27 firing points· 5,000 SF training building for visiting unit operations, training and equipment storage· Visiting Unit SF weapons storage vault (480 rifle capacity)· Additional 30-person classroom· Firearm Training System (FATS) facility with 5 firing

  • Alpena CRTC Services Fact Sheet

    Lodging· Bed space for 1,100 personnel, with 1-person, 2-person, and open bay dormitories· Large dormitory with a two plus two concept with space for 159 personnel (7 single DV rooms)· 1 house-style dormitory with 5 separate bedrooms· Linen exchange with the ability to transfer 2,000 sets of linen·

  • Alpena CRTC Vehicle Maintenance Fact Sheet

    Facilities Maintenance Facility to include: Refueling Maintenance Bay Five General Maintenance Bays Transient / Visiting Unit Office Space Training Classroom with Laptop Capable Monitor Conference Room with Laptop Capable Monitor Vehicle Wash Facility One Small Bay Capable of General